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Representatives of the Parish Council met with a Partner and the Practice Manager of Cumberland House on Wednesday 16th March. During the meeting it was announced that as a result of resignations and in one instance maternity that five of the existing establishment of general practitioners would leave the Practice by the end of May.

Although every effort was being made to find replacements it was most unlikely that the existing service would be maintained at the Barlaston Health Centre.

The Practice gave assurances that there was a full commitment to providing a continuing service but recruitment was not easy at the current time as there was generally a high vacancy level. The use of experienced nurse practitioners was also being pursued as a means of supporting the Practice. However it was most likely that there would be a delay in bringing the Practice back up to establishment

Whilst the details of future work practice was still being considered it was unlikely that there would be an afternoon service at Barlaston and there could be an impact on morning services. Inevitably priority would be given to the continuity of services at Stone

The importance of the Health Centre in Barlaston was stressed and it was pointed out that access to Cumberland House was not easy for all Barlaston residents.

During the meeting it was pointed out that there were 14 practices in the wider locality that could offer general practitioner services to Barlaston residents. These would be in Stoke on Trent for the most part. However again it was stressed that the presence of a viable local Health Centre was of great importance to Barlaston residents.

The Practice agreed to keep the Council appraised of the situation which would be kept under regular review.

Gareth Jones


Barlaston Parish Council