02 November 2021 – Planning Committee Minutes

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Cllr E Philpott (Chair)

Cllr D Bentley

Cllr S Tudor

Cllr E Adams-Elsmore

Cllr C Hurst

Cllr D Borasinski

Cllr J Dando

 Also In attendance:

Mrs K St Leger (Clerk)

1          Apologies – Cllr Fisher sent his apologies, it was resolved to accept these.

2          Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.

3          Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011 – There were no written applications for dispensation.

4          Minutes of the Parish Council 25 October 2021 – It was resolved to accept these as a true record.

5          Planning Application Ref: 21/34747/FUL at Barlaston Hall Queen Marys Drive Barlaston described as construction of domestic stable block. There were no objections to this Planning Application however, as this is outside the settlement boundary and in the green belt, the Parish Council wish to put restrictions on any further development or change of use for this site.

6          Date of next Meeting – to be determined subject to receiving planning application(s)