040619 Barlaston Parish Council Meeting

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7:15 – 7:30 Public Open Forum

29 Apologies

30 Declarations of Interest

31 Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011

32 To approve minutes of the full Council Meeting of 14 May 2019

33 Matters arising from the meeting of 14 May 2019 and not otherwise on the agenda

Key themes 2018

574 To receive Neighbourhood Plan update

256 To receive update on Environmental Strategy for Phase II

Environmental Project Phase I

Re-planting of species Approved Budget Net £750.00 Balance £580
Replace 2 damaged panels Approved Budget Net £47.00 Balance £47.00
Staffordshire Wildlife Trust – Wildlife Planting Approved Budget Net £200.00 Balance £200.00
Lighting of Car Park Approved Budget Net £1500.00 Balance £1500.00

Environmental Project Phase II

Play equipment Approved Budget Net £4000.00 Balance £4000.00
Rights of Way / Footpath adoptions – Upper house gate to be addressed by SCC

Receive update on CCTV on the car park
Receive update on footpath works

Campaigns 2018

9 To receive update on Speed Watch campaign

182 To receive update on the MUGA

193 To determine a revised date of the Joint Playing Field Committee meeting

287 To receive update on meeting with the County Council member for the area

To receive update on Stafford & Rural Homes Planning Application Barlaston Park
(Item 216) To receive Library update

351 To receive update on Wayleave Agreement Upper House

357 To receive update on car park Orchard Place / promotion of Station Car Park

455 To receive update on Canal bridges 99, 100 and 101 reported issues

456 To receive update on Brinsley Avenue Practice Patient Group

473 To receive update on questionnaire for Barlaston Park

507 To receive update on vehicle pollution initiative by Station Road crossing

13(a) To review Internal Audit Letter actions

19 To receive update from Fiskars on Village green contribution

34 To consider feedback from the Annual Parish Meeting

35 To determine grant application for the Voluntary Transport Scheme

36 To determine request for signage on the Village Green for Village Fete

37 To receive update on Nursery Gardens issues

38 To determine action required for Plume of Feathers annual party

39 To note financial matters:

Schedule of payments – May 2019

K St Leger Salary & Expenses NET 1,148.58 VAT 0.00 Cheque 002485
Leaflets Ltd – Printing/distribution leaflets – Inv 5337 NET 182.00  VAT 0.00 Cheque 002486
The Tasty Pantry – Annual Parish Council Meeting catering NET £280.00 VAT 0.00 Cheque 002487
Barlaston Village Hall – Wayleave Agreement NET £85.00 VAT 0.00 Cheque 002488

40 To note report of the Borough Council member for the area

41 To note report of the County Council member for the area

42 To note Planning Committee Recommendations

43 To receive weekly play equipment report

44 To note Risk Assessment actions

45 To note correspondence and circulars

46 To note Questions from Councillors for inclusion on next month’s agenda

47 To note date of Next Meeting:

Parish Council Meeting 2 July 2019