020419 Planning Committee Minutes

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Cllr P Fisher (Chair), Cllr E Philpott, Cllr S Hall, Cllr I McMillan

In attendance:

Mrs K St Leger (Clerk), Cllr D Norman, Cllr C Hurst, Cllr I Moran

Public Forum

A resident presented the proposed planned application for Malthouse Farm, Malthouse Lane. It was noted the Planning Committee could not comment at this stage.

1 Apologies, Cllrs Tudor and Jones issued their apologies, it was resolved to accept these.

2 Declarations of Interest No declarations of Interest were received.

3 Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011 There were no written applications for dispensation

4 Minutes of Meeting 5 March It was resolved to accept these as a true record.

5 Planning Application received up to and including 2 April

• Planning Application 18/287/FUL Highfields Farm. Clerk confirmed a summary of acceptance has   been issued to Stafford Borough Council. This has published on their website.

• Planning Application 19/30020/FUL land rear of 67 Longton Road Barlaston – Erection of outbuilding to form residential annex

Concerns were raised with regards to over development of the site; it was noted SBC had approved a 5 bed 2000 sq ft detached house on the adjacent land and have therefore set a president. The Parish Council were against garden grabs however this was noted as an annex and will obtain its services from the main dwelling.

Cllrs would individually visit the site and forward comments to the Clerk.

• Planning Application 18/29364/FUL – erection of single detached dwelling and garage at land adjacent to 104 Longton Road. It was noted Stafford Borough Council were undertaking a visit of the site on 26 March. No update has been received.

Date of next meeting 14 May 2019, Barlaston Methodist Church