2 June 2020 Barlaston Parish Council Agenda

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L01-20 The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020

All members of Barlaston Parish Council are hereby summoned to the online Zoom Parish Council Meeting on 2 June 2020 at 7:15 pm.  An agenda for the meeting is set out below (this is an abridged agenda, items not included will be addressed following the removal of the lock down criteria)


7:15 – 7:30    Public Open Forum (by prior appointment). Please contact the Clerk if you wish to participate in the Public element of the meeting. If no requests are received, the Parish Council meeting will commence at 7:15 pm

14        Apologies

15        Declarations of Interest

16        Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011

17        To approve minutes of the full Council Meeting of 5 May 2020

18        Matters arising from the meeting of 5 May 2020 and not otherwise on the agenda

            4          To determine Co-option of Barlaston East Ward Councillor (deferred)

            6          To receive updates following Financial Committee recommendations:

            6(a)      To note contribution of SCC grass cutting @ £3129.60

  6(c)      Village Hall Clock (transferred to Sole Trustee meeting)

               Replacement of Village Hall Garages (transferred to Sole Trustee meeting)

               2 SID Devices

  6(d)      To receive Lengthsman grass cutting quotation

            7          To determine recognition of community contribution during Covid-19 lockdown

            10        To receive update on RoSPA works on Wild Play Area

  12        To determine costs for production of the Heron / Covid-19 publication

19        To note blue bag issues

20        To determine Licence for access to the Green

21        To determine increase in Street Scene bin emptying costs

22        To receive request for Neighbourhood Watch schemes to be implemented

23        To note complaints received with regards to Microlights over Barlaston

24        To receive Speed Watch update 

25        To note financial matters:

            (a) to approve bank reconciliation reports

            (b) to receive schedule of payments report May 2020

  NET VAT Cheque
As Time Goes By – Village Hall Clock 1735.00 347.00 PayPal
Zoom monthly subscription 11.99 2.40 PayPal
White Rose Buildings Ltd – Remove / replace Garages (Deposit) 1680.00 336.00 002606
ElanCity – 2 No. SID Devices Inv SO-UK01155 3499.84 699.97 002607
SLCC Annual Subscription 161.00 0.00 002608
K St Leger Salary & Expenses 897.27 0.00 002609
Mainwaring Roberts – Replacement Cheque for 002596 166.00 0.00 002610
Buxus Green – Replacement Cheque for 002598 777.40 0.00 002611
Buxus Green – Lengthsman Works 740.60 0.00 002612
Staffordshire County Council – Pension Contributions 302.41 0.00 002613
Barlaston Strollers – Grant for Walking for Health 100.00 0.00 002614
Stone Ramblers – Grant for tooling 200.00 0.00 002615

26        To determine Risk Assessment Actions

27        To note Planning Committee Recommendations

28        To note date of next meeting

            7 July 2020 

Karen St Leger, Barlaston Parish Clerk – email: barlastonparishclerk@gmail.com

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Meeting ID: 884 2805 2661
Password: 791010