3 March 2020 Barlaston Parish Council Agenda

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7:15 – 7:30       Public Open Forum

189      To note the deaths of Mr John Plant and Mr Reg Barley, former members of the Parish Council

190      Apologies

191      Declarations of Interest

192      Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011

193       To approve minutes of the full Council Meeting of 4 February 2020

194       Matters arising from the meeting of 4 February 2020 and not otherwise on the agenda

256      To receive update from the Environmental Committee

  • Replacement of Wooden Panels
  • Installation of rope bridge

9          To receive update on Speed Watch campaign

473      To receive update on the MUGA and determine hiring of a pressure washer, providing light refreshments (tea / coffee / biscuits) for volunteers clearing MUGA

507       To receive update on vehicle pollution initiative by Station Road crossing

53        To receive update on Village Hall

  • Building works
  • Damage caused by flooding
  • To determine the purchase and installation of a clock tower

92        To determine request from Stone Ramblers to replace 5 stiles for kissing gates

94        To receive update on Wedgwood Arboretum and Statues

114       To receive update on Wayleave agreements for wicket gates onto the green

116       To receive update on adoption of Lakewood Drive

125       To receive recommendations for facilities on Barlaston Park

135       To receive update on request for Wedgwood Bowls

136       To determine transport from Barlaston to Longton / Barlaston Park to Shops

138       To receive update on Play Equipment for back of Meadow Road

175       To determine Complaints Policy & Procedure

177       To receive update on Civic Amenity Visits

178       To receive update on Planning Training

179       To receive update on SCC Grass Cutting Arrangements

195       To note financial matters:

(a) To determine grant application(s)

  • Stone Ramblers @ £200 for tooling

(b) To approve bank reconciliation report

(c) To receive schedule of payments report

  NET VAT Cheque
Boulton’s Nurseries – Planting for Village Green – Inv 009923/0 117.95 23.59 002578
SLCC– CILCA enrolment – Inv QL197524 350.00 0.00 002579
A J Philpott & Sons – 2nd Hand Office Chair Inv SO295077 20.00 4.00 002580
Urban Vision – Planning Training Inv 0712-20 538.05 105.00 002581
K St Leger Salary / Expenses 1020.77 0.00 002582
Ladywell Accountancy Services – Year 2019/20 Inv 20/191856 92.00 0.00 002583
Buxus Green – Grounds maintenance works – Inv2 860.20 0.00 002584
Allied Westminster – Village Hall Insurance – BS64537 914.63 0.00 002586

196      To receive update from SBC on co-option of new Cllr

197      To determine structure of Finance Committee and nominate a Chairman from within the Committee

198       To receive ground maintenance update and determine new works

  • Lengthsman works – Update Station Road / Park Drive
  • Proposed New works – Downs Car Park / Maintenance works adjacent to war memorial / Longton Road – opposite The Mount / Triangle Longton Road

199       To receive update on damaged verges following works on Meadow Road

200       To note damage to canal side and report to Canal & River Trust for action

201       To note damage to road surface on entrance to Orchard place and determine action(s)

202       To note vehicular damage to grass verges throughout the village and determine action(s)

203       To determine PC’s involvement in VE Day Celebrations

204       To determine PC’s involvement in hosting the annual Vegetable Show

205       To determine use of Wild Play area for Children’s activities

206      To receive update(s) on Brinsley Avenue Practice Patient Group

207      To note report of the Borough Council member for the area

208      To note report of the County Council member for the area

209      To note Planning Committee Recommendations

210      To determine Risk Assessment action(s)

  • Tree Works required on Village Green

211      To determine Asset Management works

212      To note correspondence and circulars

  • Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Consultation 2020-2024
  • Enquiry via Facebook requesting information on Barlaston School cuts (-£86,760 in 2020 – equivalent to -£678 per pupil loss)

213      To review Clerk’s performance – Exclusion of the press and public under S2 and S3 of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 during consideration of item 473 below because of the confidential nature of the items for discussion. It was resolved to exclude members of the press and public.

214      To note Questions from Councillors for inclusion on next month’s agenda

215      To note date of Next Meeting and determine agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting:

  • 14 April 2020 – Parish Council Meeting
  • 28 April 2020 – Annual Parish Meeting
  • To receive update from Stafford & Rural Homes Planning & Maintenance Issues
  • To receive update on Plume of Feathers annual party
  • To receive Cricket Club Lease update