030919 Barlaston Parish Council Minutes

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Cllr P Fisher (Vice Chairman)
Cllr I Moran
Cllr C Hurst
Cllr I Macmillan
Cllr V O’Dunne
Cllr D Bentley
Cllr D Norman
Cllr S Tudor

In attendance: Mrs K St Leger (Clerk)

7:15 – 7:30 Public Open Forum

Four members of the public addressed the Parish Council – 5-minute slots were allocated.

  • Following the resignation of the Village Show Committee, a member of the Community Group expressed an interest in assisting with the running of the produce show, the Clerk advised she was in receipt of the relevant documentation required to run the event. There is still a requirement for someone to oversee the show.  Item to be added to the agenda for next month’s meeting.
  • Cllr Bentley was thanked for the Emergency Planning information submitted on the Next Door Barlaston page.  Issues were also raised regarding blocked drains and farming works being undertaken and the subsequent debris left on the roads.  Clerk to publish the guidance issued by SCC on the website and to check programme of works with regards to gully clearance.
  • Open Gardens thanked the PC for the grant.  They had submitted a summary to the Clerk for distribution prior to the meeting which included a request use of the village green; it was noted this element could not be discussed as it had not been received in time for inclusion in the agenda, it would therefore be distributed to Cllrs with the agenda at the next meeting for inclusion.
  • A resident from Barlaston Park was looking to form a community hub in his garden to address social health issues. This could grow to include the Community Group, Church and other Community Assets. He also noted issues with speeding around Barlaston Park and Wedgwood. Cllr Norman to liaise with the Staffordshire Road Partnership Coordinator.
  • The Public Open Forum was closed.

63 Apologies

Cllr’s Jones and Hall sent their apologies, it was resolved to accept these.

64 Declarations of Interest There were no declarations of interest.

65 Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011 There were no written applications for dispensation

66 Approve of minutes of the full Council Meeting of 2 July 2019 – it was resolved to accept these as a true record.

67 Matters arising from the meeting of 2 July 2019 and not otherwise on the agenda

Key themes 2018

574 Neighbourhood Plan update – Report from Stafford Borough Council:

(a) the Barlaston Neighbourhood Plan be ‘made’ to form part of statutory development plan for Stafford Borough and used when determining planning applications in Barlaston Parish;

(b) that the Decision Statement (as set out in the Appendix to the report) be approved and published with the Barlaston Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan has now been adopted by Stafford Borough Council

It was resolved to remove this item from the agenda.

256 Environmental Committee update following meeting 15 August 2019 – Copies of the minutes including recommendations were submitted to Cllrs prior to the meeting.

Started doing the wild play area and hoping to get it well established before the Autumn. Holly and yews to be planted in the hedge on Station Road.

Actions determined:

    • To undertake hedge works along the canal, the methodology used by the Canal & River Trust is to tuck the cuttings under the hedge, which was deemed unsuitable.  The alternative is to hire a skip to remove the cuttings, it was believed a 10 tonne skip would be required at a cost of between £100 – £150.  Volunteers would undertake the works.  It was resolved to accept this cost. Clerk to undertake a price comparison before ordering the skip.
      A request was made to cut back the hedge obscuring the road view from the telephone exchange. It was resolved to include this in with the canal works.
    • To address the 3 planters required, it was resolved to purchase 3 timber planers 5ft x £2ft @ £85 each.
    • Cllr Hurst and Mr Roberts had cleared the surface and surrounding area of the old toilet block:
      • This has revealed jagged porcelain where the old toilets were situated and uneven brickwork.  The supporting brickwork around the edge of the old block is unstable and needs to be re-set, it was hoped a volunteer from Nursery Gardens would undertake this, however if this is not feasible, an alternative solution will be required.
      • The edge brickwork sits approx 10cm below the concrete slab, a suitable solution would be to install sleepers around the edge, this would enable the fort timbers to be fixed into position and allow a suitable well for the pouring of the rubber crumb matting.  Costs to be obtained for the sleepers and the matting and distributed to Cllrs upon receipt.
      • Following a visit by Churnet Wood Crafts, due to the drop in height around the concrete slab which has been uncovered, it was recommended the fort be extended to ensure there is no risk of children falling.  To extend the play fort all the way around the existing base would be £650 on top of the existing quote giving a new total cost for the fort of £2150. It was resolved to accept this cost.
      •  To install the rope bridge, it was originally envisaged clearance work would be required to remove 4 large laurel trees, however works carried out by Mr Roberts has revealed a tarmac path, the direction of the bridge can be moved so a single laurel will be removed to open the canopy for light.

Environmental Project Phase I
Re-planting of species Approved Budget Net £750.00 Balance £580.00
Replace 2 damaged panels Approved Budget Net  £47.00 Balance £47.00
Staffordshire Wildlife Trust – Wildlife Planting Approved Budget Net  £200.00 Balance £0.00
Lighting of Car Park Approved Budget Net £1500.00 Balance £1500.00

Environmental Project Phase II
Play equipment Approved Budget Net  £4000.00 Balance £700.00
20 Stepping logs @ £30 – total £600
2 Balance Beams @ 150 – total £300
Play Fort @ £2150

Rights of Way / Footpath adoptions – Upper house gate to be addressed by SCC.

    • Car Park CCTV update – Stafford Borough Council have retrieved the camera and confirm nothing has been recorded. Feedback from the Womblers is that there is a great improvement. It was resolved to remove this item from the agenda.

Lighting of car park – We are still awaiting a date from SBC when E-on can undertake the installation.

Receive update on footpath works

SCC have clarified they continue to do what they need to do but weed killing is always potentially an issue if it ‘fails’. They advise the PC could do a better job and recommend we follow the guidelines on the http://www.highwaysyourway.info/ website.  It was resolved to put a link on the PC website for residents to report issues which can then be dealt with by the Clerk.

It was noted some of the areas cleared by the Community Group were the responsibility of SARH and not the PC. To address issues around the village the Clerk and some Cllrs met with SARH and visited the areas around Barlaston which need maintenance. We are awaiting their comments.

Campaigns 2018

Speed Watch campaign update – The SAR devise and 3 posts are now on their way from France.  It is envisaged these will be installed at the beginning of next month.

Unfortunately, two speed watch volunteers have had to step down, one of which did so due to lack of police support and driver behaviour.  Volunteers from Barlaston Park have agreed to join the group, Cllr Norman to make the necessary arrangements.

An advert will be placed in the newsletter to encourage more people to get involved.

The Safer Roads Partnership has 70 groups, which is now too big a job for them to manage and support has dwindled. They have not provided statistics from June and frustratingly this information cannot be shared with volunteers.

Two sessions are currently undertaken each week, this will go down to one per week over the winter period.  Monitoring is making a difference but having receipt of the statistics would prove useful.

Some villages in North Wales have restricted mileage to 20MPH which are supported by signage and people were conforming to these restrictions.  It was noted Police were using fines as a source of revenue.  Having speed camera signs could prove effective, the Police being in attendance would also add credibility.

182 MUGA – We have received a quotation for welding and filling of holes based on two men 1 day’s work plus paint to match and a Galvafroid primer @ £620.  This excludes the price of cleaning the floor, which could be undertaken by Volunteers.  It was resolved to defer any maintenance works pending the questionnaire to be issued to Barlaston Park Residents, to determine whether the MUGA is still required or an alternative play solution is sought.

193 Joint Playing Field Committee update – Dicksons have been advised the Cricket Club will pay for the lease renewal.  Clerk to liaise with Dicksons for progress.

287 2. Stafford & Rural Homes Planning Application update – SARH will be attending the PC meeting on 1 October to update the PC with progress.

6. (Item 216) To receive Library update – 40 – 45 visitors used the library bus. There are no late night or Saturday visits.  We still have time to consider a voluntary library solution in the future.

The bus is proving problematic with residents with health issues who cannot make the steps, and the books are hard back which are difficult to hold.  Clerk to report these issues to the Library Service.

351 Wayleave Agreement Upper House – No meeting has taken place.  This needs to be addressed to ensure the agreement is on a legal footing.

357 Car park Orchard Place / promotion of Station Car Park – Clerk has issued the leaflets to the shops, these are being placed on car windows, which is having an effect.  SARH noted 7 vehicles belonging to the house adjacent to the shops is causing an issue, they have noted their details and will carry out some investigative works.  It was noted some of the vehicles were not taxed, however as these were deemed to be parked on private land there was nothing which could be done, they have since been SORNED.

The broken bollards have been replaced however they need painting.

455 Canal bridges 99, 100 and 101 reported issues

Repairs to bridge 101, Meaford has now been completed.  Bridges 99 and 100 will be dealt with under general maintenance.

456 Brinsley Avenue Practice Patient Group update – The practice is now using the Community Group page to update residents. The Clerk and Cllr Moran attended a Health & Care Staffordshire & Stoke meeting; an out of hours service re-signposting residents to the relevant specialists is now up and running.  There are improved services for maternity, however this is not a priority in Barlaston.

There are major issues with the service provision from the chemist. There is no late night or Saturday morning opening time; the Chemist has lunch at a different time to the dispensers, this means an extended period where drugs cannot be dispensed. People are not getting the right medication, in one instance a resident received the right box but the wrong drugs were inside; residents with the same surname are receiving other peoples’  prescriptions; when the chemist confirms a prescription is ready for collection, only to find this is not the case.  It was resolved the Clerk would raise the concerns of the residents.

473 Questionnaire for Barlaston Park update – Cllr Bentley has produced the revised questionnaire.  Clerk to forward the copy to Cllrs for approval prior to distribution. Volunteers from Barlaston Park have agreed to distribute these.

507 Vehicle pollution initiative by Station Road crossing – Signs are with Cllr Hurst – he is checking with the nursing home to see if these can be positioned on the fencing.
Shrubs have been purchased and will be planted in the gaps in the hedge to protect pedestrians from fumes and pollutants.

Borough Council Planning Committee representative – Cllr Dodson has not been approached as there have been no planning applications requiring assistance.

18 Office Accommodation update

• A key has been issued to the Clerk, the official commencement date for occupation is 1 September.
• Office furniture is required, Cllr O’Dunne has a desk surplus to requirements for a nominal fee, it was resolved to accept this offer.
• Broadband is required, based on network coverage and cost, BT @ £29 per month including line rental for a 24 month contract, thereafter £39.99 month. It was resolved to accept this recommendation.
• A mid-range wireless intercom system is available for £70, it was resolved to accept this cost.
• A lone working policy and risk assessment is required, Cllr O’Dunne agreed to work with the Clerk to ensure the policy is fit for purpose.
• A good quality digi-lock fitted by a lock smith @ £124, it was resolved to accept this cost.
• A calendar to be set up so Cllrs were aware of when the Clerk is in situ.

34 (a) Cllr attendance at the monthly coffee mornings – Cllrs Tudor and Bentley attending the next morning.  Cllr Jones attended later.  Cllr Moran will attend with Cllr Bentley.

34 (b) Grounds Maintenance works – Perennial Landscapes have re-visited Nursery Gardens, they have also undertaken works on Silver Ridge which was also missed off.

SARH homes have visited Barlaston and noted areas which need to be addressed.  Clerk will update the maintenance schedule when in receipt.

34 (c) Staffordshire County Council update on the junction between Longton Road and Station Road – There is no funding available from Highways to undertake works.

37 Nursery Gardens update – The hedge has now been addressed, Cllr Hurst visited the site and removed the debris off the pavement.  The pavement is still narrow and needs a flail running on the ground to remove grass encroaching on the tarmac. It was resolved the Parish Council to undertake this work under its ground’s maintenance works.

One of the residents adjacent to Nursery Gardens needs to address their hedge, Cllr Tudor will address this.

38 Plume of Feathers annual party update – Residents were happy with the temporary no parking signs. A meeting is to be scheduled with County Councillor Parry to discuss if a more permanent solution is feasible.  Clerk to arrange a meeting.

53 Village Hall building works update – Heat4 are due to start on the installation of the heat management system today.

JCA are finalising the tender documents.  In order to complete the paperwork, they required an up to date asbestos survey report.  The type 2 asbestos survey carried out in 2006 is no longer compliant under current Legislation of Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR): 2012 and CAR 2006.  As this is a legal requirement and to ensure building compliance the Clerk has requested a new survey be undertaken @ £300 to be completed as a matter of urgency. The previous Company assigned to remove asbestos from the hall and hold the records and details of the building structure were appointed, this will be undertaken on 6 September 2019.

The funding assigned for the works needs to be spent before end March 2020.

68 Jubilee Bowl recipient 2019/2020
Due to her dedication, previous Chairmanship and continued support for the Parish Council and its residents, Cllr Philpot was approached and has accepted the Jubilee Bowl award. The ceremony will take place on Sunday 27 October 2019 at St John’s Church.

The Clerk is liaising with the Tasty Pantry to undertake the catering, the cost would be £425 + VAT, the Cllrs resolved to accept this figure.

69 Grant application – A request was received from Barlaston Cricket Club for £550 towards the cost of the annual firework event.  The total cost of project is £850. It was resolved to accept this application.

Problems with parking in the village last year need to be addressed to ensure this does not happen this year.

70 Marquee and/or gazebo(s) request on the village green – it was resolved to address this item along with the request for use of the Village Green from the Open Gardens Committee.

71 Staffordshire Prepared Meeting Update – Cllr Bentley updated the PC with emergency planning procedures.  Clerk to liaise with Cllr Bentley to see how the PC can get involved.

72 Civic Amenity visits on Barlaston Park – A request for increased visits will be considered when in receipt of the timetable from the Borough Council. This is usually at the end of this financial year / the beginning of next financial year.

73 Meadow Green Road ground maintenance issues – SARH visited the area, the residents have requested the green is turned into a car park, SARH noted they have limited funds, especially as the majority of houses are now in private ownership.  The Clerk has asked for a costing for the work sand the residents have expressed they could possibly fund this themselves.  Clerk to liaise with SARH for an update.

74 NALC new financial regulations – Clerk to cross reference the new regulations with the previously adopted regulations and bring back to the PC for consideration at next month’s meeting.

75 To note financial matters:

(a) Schedule of payments report – July / August 2019. It was resolved to accept these.

Perennial Landscapes – Grounds Maintenance Inv 2017 NET 570.00 VAT114.00 CHEQUE 002509
RoSPA MUGA Inspection – Inv 44800 NET 68.50 VAT 13.70 CHEQUE 002510
Telemetry-Online Ltd (Heat 4) – Inv BPC-180-190731 NET 766.80 VAT 76.68 CHEQUE 002511
Staffordshire Wildlife Trust – Seeding / planting – Inv SIN001874  NET 150.00 VAT 0.00 CHEQUE 002512
Cheshire SLCC – Conference 9 October – Inv SLCC/19/52 NET 30.00 VAT 0.00 CHEQUE 002413
K St Leger Salary / Expenses NET 1103.82 VAT 0.00 CHEQUE 002514
E G Dyke – Grounds maintenance on the Village Green – 0030 NET 200.00 VAT 40.00 CHEQUE 002515

(b) It was noted the report from the External Auditors has passed the financial figures for 2018/2019 without qualification.  These details have been posted on the Parish Council website. The bank reconciliation report and statements were issued and it was resolved to accept these.

(c) The Clerk has completed the forms ready for submission to SCC.  SCC would not process the application until the minutes of 2 July meeting noting the resolution were approved by the PC.

76 Report from Borough Council member – No report was received

77 Report of the County Council member – No report was received

78 Planning Committee Recommendations

No planning applications were received.  A Notification from SBC regarding planning application 19/30388/FUL Erection of detached dwelling and integral garage, new access and dropped kerb. Adjacent to Tree Tops 59 Longton Road.  This planning application was withdrawn from the system with effect from 1 August 2019.

79 Weekly play equipment report – No issues were reported.

80 Risk Assessment actions

To meet PC insurance requirements, if volunteers are undertaking works on Parish Council land or works on the canal, a risk assessment form and list of volunteers in attendance needs to be submitted to the Clerk prior to works commencing.  Works undertaken without the knowledge of the Parish Council will be undertaken at their own risk.
It was resolved to provide a simple risk assessment with do’s and don’ts, volunteers will sign a form advising they have read and understood the risks and will conform to the assessment’s requirements. Adequate clothing is also a requirement.

81 Correspondence and circulars
(a) Development of hub / community shop / hub space request
(b) Resignation of L Coates, Barlaston Show Committee.  It has been noted all the Committee has resigned except Cllr Jones.  Lynne Coates has provided the documents she uses as templates in the preparation of the Village Produce Show.
(c) Grant feedback Barlaston Guides
(d) Grant feedback Barlaston Rainbows

82 Questions from Councillors for inclusion on next month’s agenda

What is happening to the Wedgwood Arboretum and statues

83 To note date of Next Meeting: Parish Council Meeting 1 October 2019