121119 Barlaston Parish Council Agenda

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7.15 pm – 7.30 pm Public Open Forum

107. Apologies

108. Declarations of Interest

109. Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011

110. To approve minutes of the full Council Meeting of 3 September 2019

111. Matters arising from the meeting of 3 September 2019 and not otherwise no the agenda

Key themes 2018
256. To receive update from the Environmental Committee

Environmental Project Phase I

Re-planting of species Approved Budget £750.00 Balance £580.00
Replace 2 damaged panels Approved Budget £47.00 Balance £47.00
Staffordshire Wildlife Trust – Wildlife Planting Approved Budget £200.00 Balance £0.00
Lighting of Car Park Approved Budget £1500.00 Balance £1500.00

Environmental Project Phase II

20 Stepping logs @ £30 – total £600 (complete)
2 Balance Beams @ 150 – total £300 (complete)
Play Fort @ £2150
Sleepers – Price £260 (complete)
Pour crumb safety Matting – Price £2233.00
3 x Planters Approved Budget £255.00 Balance £0,00
Rights of Way / Footpath adoptions – Upper House gate to be addressed by SCC.

Receive an update on footpath works

Campaigns 2018

9. To receive update on Speed Watch campaign

193. To receive Cricket Club lease update/to determine date for Joint Playing Fields Committee

287. To receive update from Stafford and Rural Homes Planning and Maintenance Issues (73;357)

456. To receive update on Brinsley Avenue Practice Patient Group/Chemist

473. To receive update on questionnaire for Barlaston Park including MUGA

507. To receive update on vehicle pollution initiative by Station Road crossing

18. To determine office accommodation equipment

38. To receive update on Plume of Feathers annual party

53. To receive update on Village Hall building works and to determine project management recommendation.

89. To review Parish Council policy documents

90. To determine Cllr attendance at the monthly coffee morning

91. To receive Library update

92. To receive request from Stone Ramblers Footpaths group

94. To receive and update on Wedgwood Arboretum and Statues

95. To determine bank arrangements for  Village Show funds

112. To receive recommendations following the 2020 Financial Plan Meeting including NALC Financial Regulations

113. To determine Neighbourhood Plan actions

114. To determine Wayleave agreements for wicket gates onto the green

115. To investigate entrance made on to Old Road by converted stables

116. To receive update on adoption of Lakewood Drive

117. To note request from Barlaston CE (VC) School for formal authorisation for drop off/pick up children utilising the Village Hall Car Park

118. To note General Election protocols

119. To note financial matters

(a) To approve bank reconciliation report

(b) To receive schedule of payments report September 2019

Karen St. Leger – Salary and Expenses NET 1268.51 Cheque 002528

Telemetry Online Ltd – Heat4 Village Hall heating system NET £1150.20 VAT £230.04 Cheque 002529

G Burdett – Install dog bag dispenser / repair wall NET £63.00  Cheque 002530

Gardeners Reclaimed Building Materials – NET £260.00 VAT £52.00 Cheque 002531

Daniel Ward – Wooden Planters  NET £100.00 Cheque 002532

Elan City – SID Devices / Posts NET £1883.04 VAT £376.61 Cheque 002533

PlaySmart UK – Rubber Crumb Matting  NET £2233.00 VAT £446.60 Cheque 002534

UK Office Direct – Stationary NET £98.51 VAT £ 19.70  Cheque 002535

Stafford Borough Council  – Bin Emptying July – Sept 2019 NET £292.50 VAT £58.50 Cheque 002536

Picklockery Locksmiths – Install digital-lock NET £125.00 Cheque 002537

Perennial Landscapes – Grounds Maintenance NET £570.00 VAT £114.00 Cheque 002538

AEDdonate – Defib Battery replacement NET £1050.00 Cheque 002539

Catalyst2 – 2 Year domain renewal NET £25.00 VAT £5.00 Cheque 002540

120. To consider grant applications

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal @ £250

Barlaston and Tittensor Scout Group @ £2000 – retire the main hall to ensure it meets current safety regulations, replacing trunking, switches and sockets, installing new wall heaters and light fittings to be more energy efficient.

Barlaston Proscenium Players @ £1033.79 – Additional LED lights, fixtures and fittings

121. To review ground maintenance issues

Complaints received with regards to the Cemetery

Lengthsman works – Old Road

Mud on Old Road

Flooding in Meadow Road, Brookhouse Drive, Old Road

122. To note report of Borough Council member for the area

123. To note report of the County Council member for the area

124. To note Planning Committee Recommendations

125. To receive weekly play equipment report

126.  To determine Risk Assessment actions


To determine Annual tree survey

127. To note correspondence and circulars

Wedgwood Bowl requests

128. To note Questions from Councillors for inclusion in next month’s agenda

129. To note date of next meeting

3 December  2019