3 November 2020 Barlaston Parish Council Agenda

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L01-20 The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020

All members of Barlaston Parish Council are hereby summoned to the online Zoom Parish Council Meeting on 3 November 2020 at 7:15 pm.  An agenda for the meeting is set out below (this is an abridged agenda, items not included will be addressed following the removal of the lock down criteria)


Mrs K St Leger

27 October 2020


7:15 – 7:30    Public Open Forum (by prior appointment). Please contact the Clerk if you wish to participate in the Public element of the meeting. If no requests are received, the Parish Council meeting will commence at 7:15 pm

89        Apologies

90        To determine appointment to Barlaston East Position

91        Declarations of Interest

92        Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011

93        To approve minutes of the full Council Meeting of 6 October 2020

94        Matters arising from the meeting of 6 October 2020 and not otherwise on the agenda

            117       To receive Crossing Patrol update and determine follow on actions

  4          To receive update on vacancies for Barlaston East and Barlaston West Wards and determine follow on actions

            7          To receive update on Covid-19 presentation

            22        To receive update on Neighbourhood Watch schemes (deferred)

35/36    To receive update on Village Drainage Strategy Group 

39        To receive update on Bridge 104, Trent & Mersey Canal

 63        To receive update on memorial bench for Mr Stan Phillips

           64        To receive update on the Former Wedgwood Memorial College

79        To receive update on Kissing Gate posters

80        To receive update on Remembrance Sunday

82        To determine Planning White Paper consultation plan

95        To determine Climate Change Crisis response and follow on actions including completion of NALC’s Climate Change Survey and Carbon Audit Tool

96        Chairman’s comments

97        To note fly tipping issues around Barlaston & Cocknage

98        To receive update on play area design visit

99        To receive update on dog bag theft

100       To determine Christmas tree lighting on Village Green

101       To determine actions on Good Neighbour Scheme

102       To receive Covid-19 Impact Survey Staffordshire & Stoke on Trent

103       To determine actions on Pavement Parking: Options for Change Consultation

  • Option 1: to rely on improvements to the existing TRO system
  • Option 2: to allow local authorities with CPE powers to enforce against ‘Unnecessary obstruction of the pavement’
  • Option 3: a national pavement parking prohibition

104       To determine membership of Rural Services Network

105       To note damage to bollards on Orchard Place

106       To determine an additional grass cut end 2020 / early 2021 recommended by SCC

107       To determine Lengthsman’s schedule of works

  • Trim back overhanging tree branches on Station Road
  • Undertake footpath clearance works on Station Road
  • Undertake footpath clearance works on Park Drive
  • Undertake footpath clearance works on path between Plume and Dry Cleaners
  • Undertake footpath clearance works on Old Road up to and including Nursery Gardens
  • Leaf clearance wild seed planting on Downs Car Park including cutting back of bank to brook
  • Weeding of hedge bank at the Downs Car Park

108       To receive Speed Watch update

109       To note financial matters:

            (a) to approve bank reconciliation reports

            (b) to receive schedule of payments report October 2020

NET VAT Cheque
Stafford Borough Council, Inv 7070270473 lease of land 10.00 0.00 002666
Altplan Inv 4166 replacement ceiling tiles Village Hall 2654.25 530.85 002667
UK Security Shutters Ltd Inv 8852 new security shutter Village Hall 914.00 182.80 002668
SLCC Inv BK14036 – SLCC Conference 25.00 5.00 002669
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Grant 300.00 0.00 002670
Chairman’s Allowance 250.00 0.00 002671
K St Leger Salary & Expenses 1090.17 0.00 002672
Stafford Pension Fund 310.76 0.00 002673


110      To determine Risk Assessment Actions following RoSPA reports

111      To determine grant application(s)

112      To note Planning Committee Recommendations

113      To receive items for inclusion in next month’s agenda

114      To note date of next meeting – 1 December 2020           

Karen St Leger, Barlaston Parish Clerk – email: barlastonparishclerk@gmail.com

Zoom details

Meeting ID: 815 2487 1382
Passcode: 223863