30 for a reason August update

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Our willing team of a dozen volunteers have now been active around Barlaston for 3 months. Hopefully, you’ve noticed them and appreciate the difference they are trying to make via their support. It’s been great for the volunteers to have people come up to them and say “thanks” and/or “well done” or give them a friendly wave! Whilst perhaps not everyone, though, shares the same enthusiasm for this parish initiative, it should be made clear that Community Speedwatch is not just about catching speeding vehicles. It’s about taking an interest in everyone’s personal safety – young and old, whether on foot, on a bike or as a motorist. That’s what being part of a Community is about.

Up until the end of July they’ve carried out 20 sessions of 1 hour each across various sites at varying times. The latest stats show that 329 vehicles have been recorded as doing speeds of 35mph or more in the 30mph zones – 30% of the total were actually doing 40mph or more. During one morning on Meaford Road a record 61 (!!) vehicles were recorded – that’s more than 20% of the vehicles actually driving by.

Interestingly, the stats also show that 62 of the 329 total (22%) were residents of postcode ST12 with a further 20% from ST3. So, contrary to what some people think, it’s not just outsiders who are “racing through our village” – some of the local residents could clearly be doing more in terms of observing the speed limits too.

By the end of the year it’s hoped that “Community Speedwatch Area” signs will be put up at all entrances to the village as a more permanent reminder to drivers.

REMEMBER: A pedestrian hit at 30mph has a very significant 1 in 5 chance of being killed. This rises to a 1 in 3 chance if they are hit at 35mph.

If anyone would like to get involved/know more please contact Dave Norman, Co-Ordinator & Parish Councillor. (Tel: 07399 514688 Email: d.norman121@btinternet.com )