4 April 2022 – Sole Trustee Meeting Minutes

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Cllr P Fisher (Chair), Cllr D Bentley, Cllr S Tudor, Cllr C Hurst, Cllr Adams-Elsmore, Cllr O’Dunne, Cllr Dando

 Also In attendance:

Mrs K St Leger (Clerk)

One member of the Public 

1          Apologies – Apologies were received from Cllr’s Jones, Borasinski, Philpott and Hemming, it was resolved to accept these.

2          Declarations of Interest – Cllr Fisher and the Clerk declared an interest in item 6. Cllr Fisher submitted the drawings and recommendations for the design of the porch by Architect Byatt Oliver Associates.  The Clerk was a personal friend of Architect Arnold R Middleton who also submitted drawings and recommendations.

3          Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011 – There were no written applications for dispensation

4          To approve minutes of the Sole Trustee Meeting on 1 March 2022 – These were accepted as a true record.

5          Matters arising from the meeting of 1 March 2022 and not otherwise on the agenda

6          Design of the porch – We are still awaiting a third design and recommendation for the porch.  Now the new daylight lighting is being procured for the suspended ceiling, the requirement to vary the design from the original recommendation by Byatt Oliver Associates is no longer deemed applicable.  As time was getting on and building costs were increasing, it was resolved to suspend financial regulations and commission Byatt Oliver Associates to commence with the design at £800 plus VAT.  The design labelled Sketch Scheme Two was chosen. This design was acceptable to the Village Hall Committee.  It was resolved not to render the toilet blocks as concerns were raised this could trap moisture and cause additional problems, re-pointing was recommended, quotations to be sought.

7          Air Condition unit replacement update – requests for quotations were submitted, however only Sovereign came back with a quotation for £6430.68. As Sovereign were the Company the Village Hall Committee deal with and the system Heat4 were looking to integrate with their automated heating/cooling system, it was resolved to suspend financial regulations and approve the quotation by Sovereign.

8          Operational Procedures – It was resolved for the Clerk to liaise with the Village Hall Committee to review the operating procedures. Details to be submitted to the Sole Trustee for final approval.

9          Roller Shutter Door – Cllr Borasinski is dealing with this (item deferred)

10        Village Hall Committee fire door installation recommendation – The door is scheduled to be installed, the Clerk to pay for the invoice to claim back the VAT.

11        Replacing the lighting in the main hall – It was resolved the Village Hall Committee to commence with their recommendation of One Way @ £1,586.

12        Alcohol Licence – It was resolved to defer this item.

13        Allied Westminster rebuild cost assessment form submission

Cllr Fisher measured the footprint of the building to enable Cllr Borasinski to review the rebuild costs for insurance purposes to ensure we are not undervaluing the building.

14        Village Hall Committee minutes – these were distributed to Cllrs.

15        Items to be added to the next agenda

Date for the AGM – it was resolved to defer the meeting until after the annual external audit had taken place.

16        To determine date of next meeting