7 September 2021 – Barlaston Parish Council Agenda

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L01-20 The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020

All members of Barlaston Parish Council are hereby summoned to the Parish Council Meeting at Barlaston Methodist Church, Park Drive, Barlaston ST12 9DP on Tuesday 7 September 2021 at 7:15 pm.  An agenda for the meeting is set out below.


Mrs K St Leger
25 August 2021

7:15 – 7:30    Public Open Forum (by prior appointment). Please contact the Clerk if you wish to participate in the Public element of the meeting. If no requests are received, the Parish Council meeting will commence at 7:15 pm

73        Apologies

74        Declarations of Interest

75        Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011

76        To approve minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 6 July 2021

77        Matters arising from the meeting of 6 July 2021 and not otherwise on the agenda

            22        To receive update on Neighbourhood Watch schemes (deferred)

78        To receive updates and determine requests from the following Committees:

  • Environmental Committee
    • To receive update on Canal Towpath works
    • To determine hedge cutting on Village Green
    • To receive update on drainage works on the Village Green
  • Joint Playing Fields Committee meeting date

79        To receive the Clerk’s Update Report

80        To receive update on planning application 21/33687/FUL described as proposed housing development between Brookhouse Drive and Old Road

81        To receive update on the distribution of the ‘Welcome Back Fund’ by Stafford Borough Council

82        To receive update on the Annual Parish Booklet and determine distribution methodology and determine costs

83        To receive update on actions undertaken by the Clerk to remove Travellers from Barlaston

84        To receive update on Chairman’s Allowance

85        To receive report from Staffordshire Police

86        To receive update on Highways Issues including:

    • Speed Watch
    • Parking on Meadow Road & Brookhouse Drive
    • Track along Longton Road accessing the School
    • Speeding on Station Road / Old Road / Meaford Road / Longton Road
    • Walking Bus Scheme

87        To note financial matters:

            (a) Outcome of the External Audit

            (b) to approve bank reconciliation reports

            (c) to receive schedule of payments report July / August 2021

Expenditure NET VAT Cheque
SPCA Training Inv SI-198 50.00 0.00 002749
Staffordshire County Pension Fund July 2021 334.61 0.00 002750
Barlaston Community Group – Thank You event grant 250.00 0.00 002751
Salary Expenses K St Leger August 2021 921.97 0.00 002752
Staffordshire County Pension Fund Aug 2021 310.76 0.00 002753
Longcliffe 14 July 2021 – 5 tons Aggregate – Canal works 470.00 94.00 BACS
Hosting Systems July – Voice over IP 10.00 2.00 DD
Information Commission – Subscription 35.00 0.00 DD
Longcliffe 27 July 2021 – 5 tons aggregate – canal works 470.00 94.00 BACS
Zoom video conferencing 11.99 2.40 DD
British Telecom – Broadband 26.66 5.33 DD
CanPRINT – Replacement COVID-19 sign 27.50 5.50 BACS
Rialtas Software – Finance annual subscription 124.00 24.80 BACS
K St Leger Salary & Expenses July 2021 1005.08 0.00 BACS
UK Bailiff Services – Removal of Travellers 840.00 168.00 BACS
Hosting Systems August 2021 Voice over IP 10.00 2.00 DD
Buxus Green – Grounds Maintenance July 2021 995.83 0.00 BACS
Mazar LLP – External Audit fees 300.00 60.00 BACS
Jackson Marquee Hire – Jubilee event 2022 528.00 105.60 BACS
Buxus Green – Grounds Maintenance August 2021 995.83 0.00 BACS

88        To determine Committee, Budget and programme of works for Platinum Jubilee Event

89        To receive update on lighting of a beacon to commemorate the Jubilee

90        To receive update on Lakewood Drive

    • JCB
    • Legal position

91        To receive feedback from the monthly Coffee Morning

92        To determine request for implementation of Public WIFI in the Methodist Church

93        To determine request for barrier at the entrance to the Downs Car Park

94        To review wild planting around the village

95        To determine Village Strategy format and scope

96        To receive Risk Assessment update and determine actions

    • Broken fence MUGA
    • Tree in school playground 

97        To determine grant application(s)

  • ‘Thank You’ event hosted by the Community Group on 5 September 2021 have requested £250 towards entertainment costs. Total cost £350.
  • Barlaston / Stone Guides request for contribution towards a trip to Kenya in 2022. Working with a school in Mombasa to renovate the school.

98        To note Planning Committee Recommendations

  • Application Ref: 21/34249/HO at 1 Ivyhouse Drive, Barlaston described as alterations to existing garage and rear single storey extension.
  • Application Ref: 21/34398/HOU at Willow Lodge, 63 Longton Road, Barlaston described as replacement porch and two storey front extension.

99        To receive update on Stafford & Rural Development on Ivyhouse Drive

100      To receive items for inclusion in next month’s agenda

101      Date of next meeting Parish Council Meeting – 5 October 2021