Best Kept Village Competition 2014

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The judges comments have now been received and make interesting reading.

The concluding paragraph states:- ‘There were signs that the village had got off to a rather slow start in May but the picture had improved considerably by June. The judges were impressed by the activity in and the cleanliness of Orchard Place and there were other good signs that improvements continue to be made. Barlaston has built on the good base which was established in 2013 and with a better map and an earlier start and rather more community involvement throughout the whole of the village area, the village should soon begin to demonstrate real progress.’

The most serious criticism in the report concerns the Scout Hut as follows:-  ‘The surrounds of the scout hut looked ”folorn, overgrown and abandoned.” This is an area of the village that will require future attention.

If the village can maintain the ‘June 2014 standard’ throughout the judging period in 2015, there can be some confidence  that the village will do better in the competition

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