Cllr P Fisher (Chairman)
Cllr I Macmillan
Cllr D Westwood
Cllr S Tudor
Cllr E Philpott
Cllr S Hall
Cllr G Jones (Stafford Borough Councillor)

In attendance: Mrs K St Leger (Clerk) Cllr I Moran

1 Apologies No apologies were received

2 Declarations of Interest Cllr Fisher declared an interest on 18/29364/REM, Cllr Macmillan Chaired this element of the meeting.

3 Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011 There were no written applications for dispensation

4 Planning Committee Recommendations

Planning Application Ref 18/29364/REM at Land Adjacent 104 Longton Road, Barlaston

There were no objections in principal however issues were raised with regards to the balcony, the building line, access onto the highway and objections of the neighbours. It was resolved the Clerk to inform SBC of the decision.

Planning Application Ref 18/29325/HOU at Pippin Hill 17 Rock House Drive, Barlaston

There was no objection to this application

Date of next meeting 4 December 2018, Barlaston Methodist Church, Park Drive, Barlaston.