RISK ASSESSMENT 2020 / 2021 

Members are ultimately responsible for risk management because risks threaten a Council’s ability to achieve its objectives. The clerk should therefore ensure that members:

  • Identify the key risks facing the council
  • Evaluate the potential to the council of one of these risks taking place; and
  • Agree measures to avoid, reduce or control the risk or its consequence.

There are three main ways of managing risk:

  • Take out insurance
  • Work with another party to reduce the risk; or
  • Manage the risk
Area Risk Level Control (and improvements to be considered)
Assets Protection of physical assets M Property insured to reflect procurement of new assets. Ensure there is an adequate fund within the capital projects / new asset fund.
Finance Banking H Currently the figure held in the bank exceeds £85k which is in excess of the figure under which the FSCS offers protection.

Look to move earmarked reserves into a separate banking group.

  Loss of cash through theft or dishonesty H No cash. Removed ability of any one individual to access Council’s funds.
  Financial controls and records M Monthly reconciliation is issued to full council with bank statements. Financial Regulations in place. Two signatories on cheques and invoices. Internal and external audits arranged.

Implementation of a PayPal account will facilitate day to day procurement by the Clerk, approval by two signatories required prior to purchase. PayPal reports to be provided to full Council.

  Comply with VAT Regulations M VAT payments and claims reported with budget monitoring and checked by internal and external auditor.
  Sound budgeting to underlie annual precept M Council receive detailed budgets in December. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, budget revised end April 2020.

Expenditure against budget reported to Council on a regular basis.

Precept retained at its current level.

  Complying with borrowing restrictions L No borrowing likely at present


Liability Risk to third party, property or individuals M Insurance in place. Play equipment checks in place for the MUGA, regular checks are required for the War Memorials and open spaces.

Annual tree survey undertaken in 2019, medium risk works were undertaken upon receipt. No high risk trees reported.

Immediate works to be undertaken if trees are reported damaged.

Risk assessments carried out before work commences. Ensure that Contractors have Public Liability Insurance to £5m.

  Legal liability as consequence of asset ownership (especially playground and copses) H Insurance in place. Weekly inspections undertaken with the MUGA. Introduce weekly checks on wild play area and monthly check of War Memorials and open spaces. Written records to be kept. Annual check of playgrounds by qualified person arranged.
Employer Liability Comply with Employment Law M Employment contracts and job descriptions introduced.

Membership of SLCC and SPCA. Clerk enrolled in LGPS

  Comply with HMRC requirements M Regular advice from HMRC. Internal and external auditor carry out annual checks. Payroll managed by independent service provider.
Legal Liability Ensuring activities are within legal powers H Clerk clarifies legal position on any new proposal. Legal advice sought where necessary.
  Proper and timely reporting via the Minutes M Council meets monthly and receives and approves Minutes of meetings. Minutes made available to press and public via the web site.
  Proper document control M Leases and legal documents in Clerks cabinet. Historic documents currently stored in Methodist Church, safe to be moved from the Village Hall. Other data storage to comply with GDPR. Council registered with Information Commissioner. Backup is cloud base, undertaken on a daily basis.

Computer now has 2 factor authentication and the latest antivirus software uploaded.

Councillor propriety Registers of Interests and gifts and hospitality in place H Register of interest completed. Gifts and hospitality register is available on request.


This risk management paper was considered by the Council on 5 May 2020 and will be reviewed again in 12 months.