12 September 2023 – Barlaston Parish Council Meeting

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All members of Barlaston Parish Council are hereby summoned to the Parish Council Meeting at Barlaston Methodist Church. Park Drive, Barlaston ST12 9DP on.12th September 2023.  Meeting to commence at 7:15. An agenda for the meeting is set out below.


Mrs C Wright
6th September 2023

7:15 – 7:30     Public Open Forum (by prior appointment). Please contact the Clerk if you wish to participate in the Public element of the meeting. If no requests are received, the Parish Council meeting will commence at 7:15 pm

  1. Apologies
  2. Declarations of Interest
  3. Written applications for dispensations under the Localism Act 2011
  4. To approve minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 1st August 2023
  5. Matters arising from the meeting of 1st August 2023 and not otherwise on the agenda
  6. To approve minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 15th August 2023
  7. Updates covered in the Clerk’s Report:

92  Highway matters

161 Wedgwood Memorial College

195 Lease of Meadow Road land

214 Renewal of the Cricket Club Lease

221 Neighbourhood Plan review grant

7  Banking Arrangements

21  Flashing Speed Sign / Crossing Patrol Officer

53  Co-option of Councillor

54  To determine actions to reduce dog fouling on the Cricket pitch

55  The Wedgwood Bowl

58  Landlord of Duke of York Letter

59 Use of Personal email addresses

74  New Clerk Arrangements

75  Parish Council Meeting Dates

76 Lakewood Drive

77 Civic Amenity Visits

78  Stafford Borough Councils Public Protection Review

79  Severn Trent Stongford Works

Reports from Councillors:

133  Implementation of electric charge points in the village (deferred)

 To receive updates and determine actions regarding the following Committees:

  • Environmental Committee

Signage for the Wild Green following installation of new items (deferred)

Update on installation of posts / wire fencing at the Upper House

  • Parish Council Strategy
  1. To note financial matters:

            (a) To approve bank reconciliation reports

            (b) To receive schedule of payments report August 2023

(c) To note conclusion of audit 2023           

Expenditure – Standard NET VAT Payment
K St Leger – Salary / Expenses 1627.70 0.00 BACS
Staffordshire County Pension 604.99 0.00 BACS
C Wright – Salary / Expenses 628.80 0.00 BACS
Buxus Green – Inv202308– August Grass Cutting 1,050.00 0.00 BACS
Barlaston Cricket Club – Grant Application 1,000.00 0.00 BACS
Mazars inv 2227236 External Audit 420.00 84.00 BACS
Viking Inv 2816947 Chair 55.89 11.18 BACS
Midland Masonry Inv 7993 War Memorial 2870 574.00 BACS
Graham Burdett – Inv 30/8/23 Repair rope bridge / install King’s Coronation Bench 290.00 0.00 BACS
BT – Inv– Broadband Inv MO47 AZ 30.36 6.07 DD
Pozitive Energy Gas inv 26181820233947129 -183.44 -9.17 DD
Pozitive Energy Electricity Inv 26181620233939509 103.41 5.17 DD
Income – Standard NET VAT Payment
Vat Reclaim 1577.62 0 BACS
  1. To receive update and determine costings regarding Village Hall Porch tender
  2. To receive update on co-option of Councillor vacancy
  3. To determine how to apply the Highways Act 1980 legislation
  4. To receive update on footpath clearance adjacent to Plume of Feathers
  5. To determine Memorial bench policy
  6. To determine noticeboard at the Downs Car Park in conjunction with the Upper House
  7. To determine changes to Financial Regulations
  8. To receive update on Wedgwood Marina
  9. To receive update on the Noticeboard for Barlaston Park
  10. To receive Risk Assessment updates and determine actions:
  • Weekly play area inspections
  • To clarify how the weekly play inspections are being undertaken at the MUGA and the Wild Play Area
  • Recommendation for 2 Parking Buddies for each end of Tittensor Road
  1. To receive updates on and determine grant application(s)
  2. To note Planning issue(s) and outcomes

23/37942/HOU 8 Whitethorn Avenue

23/37827/HOU Grangeford 15 Broughton Crescent

  1. To consider Memorial Rock and planted area for John Russell
  2. To discuss complaint for footpaths disability access in village
  3. To receive items for inclusion in next agenda
  4. Date of next meeting(s) – 10 October 2023