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    Barlaston is an ancient parish and large village of Stafford overlooking the Trent valley

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Annual Accountability and Governance Return (AGAR) 2021 – 2022 (Unaudited) 

Accessibility Regulations

We are aware that the Accounts and Audit Regulations requirement for a physical ‘wet ink’ signature on the original AGAR, does not allow parish council’s to fully comply with the Accessibility Regulations.

The National Audit Office are aware that the two pieces of legislation are not compatible. As the document is a scan of a document, it will not be fully compliant with the Accessibility Regulations.

(a)  Annual Governance and Accountability Return

(b)  Asset Register

(c)  Auditor Completion Letter

(d)  Council Accounts – A Summary of Public Rights

(e)  Explanation of significant variances in the accounting statement

(f)  Draft Minutes of the meeting held on 14 June 2022

(g) Notice of Appointment Date for the Exercise of Public Rights

About Barlaston

Barlaston is an ancient parish and large village of Stafford overlooking the Trent valley.  The name is of Anglo Saxon origin and is derived from Beornwulfs town or estate.  Barlaston is the gateway to the Downs Banks – owned by the National Trust and offering approximately 160 acres of bracken-covered moorland forming an idyllic backdrop to Barlaston village.

Barlaston Parish Council is made up of eleven elected members who serve the community for a period of four years.  Meetings are held every month, with the exception of August, usually on the first Tuesday, in the Methodist Church.  The Chairman of the Parish Council is Paul Fisher and Vice-Chairman is Daniel Bentley.

The agenda is published one week before the date of the meeting and is posted on notice boards around the village.  Residents are welcome to attend meetings and have a chance to speak at the Open Forum which is at the start of each meeting.  The minutes of the meeting are available on this website.

The Parish Council also employs a Clerk who attends all council meetings, takes minutes and deals with the day to day administration.

Staffordshire County Council acknowledges that town and parish councils are the level of local government closest to the people.  The Local Council Charter sets out the County Council’s aims to work in partnership with local communities.

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