Parish Councillor Vacancy – Barlaston West Ward

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A vacancy for a Parish Councillor to represent the Barlaston East Ward of Barlaston has arisen.

The Parish Council now wishes to co-opt a Councillor for this Ward that covers the Eastern parts of the Parish along Longton Road, the Green an adjoining residential areas. It also stretches over the rural parts of the Parish to Cocknage and Hartwell.

What does a Parish Council do? 

Parish Councils are the part of local government closest to the people.  Very importantly, these councils can raise ‘precept’ – raising a sum collected with the council tax each year to improve facilities and services for local people.

Their powers and duties cover many things that we take for granted in making the lives of local communities more comfortable.

These include the provision and maintenance of community transport schemes, village greens, traffic calming measures, litter bins, street cleaning, allotments, bus shelters, public footpaths and crime reduction measures.

They also comment on planning applications and can be represented at local public inquiries.

A major aim of the Council at the moment is to develop a Barlaston Neighbourhood Plan.

How much time does it take up? 

The Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month with the exception of August.  In April the Annual Parish Council meeting is held on the last Tuesday of the month.  There are also other committees that meet when necessary (e.g. Planning Committee) which you may become a member of. As a representative of the East Ward you may also be contacted by members of the public asking for your help. 

To qualify you must be:-

Aged 18 years or over

Either a UK or Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Irish Republic or a citizen of a member state of the EU

In addition to the above a candidate must qualify under one of the following:

Be registered as a local government elector of the parish concerned; or

Have lived either in the parish or within 4.8 kilometres (3 miles) of it during the whole of the twelve months preceding the day on which he or she is nominated as a candidate; or

Had their principal or only place of work in the area of the parish for twelve months; or

Occupied land or other premises in the parish, as an owner or tenant, during the whole twelve months preceding the day on which they are nominated

INTERESTED?  Apply in writing to Barlaston Parish Clerk, Barlaston Methodist Church, Park Drive, Barlaston ST12 9DP or email by 14 November 2023

Please include in your letter any relevant experience you wish to be considered.

A concise c.v. may be helpful in supporting your application.

The Parish Council has a detailed website  ( may provide you with additional information or you may wish to contact the Clerk for an informal discussion on 01782 372684 during normal working hours