Barlaston Crossing Closure

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I have received the following information from the Project Manager for the works on the level crossing over Christmas.

He has confirmed that the crossing will be closed from 23.30 on the 24th December through to 5.50am on the 27th December.

From 23.30pm on the 24th December to on the 25th December although the crossing is closed, pedestrians will be escorted across the line at suitable times bearing in mind that heavy plant and machinery will be accessing the line. The ‘bomacks’ which form the road surface on the crossing will be in situ but there will be boards covering the road surface which may cause a tripping hazard. The surface will be unsuitable for wheelchairs and scooters. Suitable footware must  be worn and any individual visibly under the influence of alcohol will be refused access due to the risks involved.

After 2am on the 25th the crossing will be fenced off and no access will be available until 5.50 am on 27th Dec.

The Wedgwood crossing will be unaffected by these works although there will be engineering trains traversing the Wedgwood crossing.

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