Developments at Strongford

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At the February Parish Council meeting two senior management representatives of Severn Trent Water gave a presentation outlining their proposals for a major development at their effluent processing plant at Strongford.

A European Community Directive requires from 2014 that phosphorous is removed from effluent before treated water is returned to the river Trent.  The project to acheve this will involve the construction of an Activated Sludge Plant and six Final settlement tanks.  These would be located in the middle of the site and would not have significant visual impact

The work would start in April 2012 and the construction is expected to take around 24 months.

Councillors were pleased to learn that the spoil from the excavation would not be removed from site but would be used to landscspe an adjacent field between the plant and the A34.

It was stated that the disruptive impact of the development would be broadly similar to the work that was undertaken between 2007 and 2011. There was no increase in the catchment area involved, the site would remain to serve the populations of Stoke and Newcastle.

It was estimated that during the peak of the construction period the number of HGV movements between the site and Trentham Road (A5035) would increase from 30 to 50 per day. It was also clear but not possible to quantify that there would be an incease in vehicular traffic through Barlaston which was of some concern.

It was evident that the development was causing considerable concern to Trentham residents directly affected (some were present at the meeting). The point was forcefully made that Old Road with buses and an increasing number of heavy sludge lorries was becoming increasingly unpleasant to use

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