Neighbourhood Planning

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Households will have received correspondence from Stafford Borough Council stating that the Parish Council has applied for Barlaston to be designated a Neighbourhood Area. This is the first stage of a process at the end of which the village will be able to develop proposals that will afford planning gains. Any proposals developed will be subject to consultation and will require majority support through a referendum.

The Local Planning procedures have changed markedly in the very recent past particularly as a result of the 2011 Localism Act.  Whilst this legislation has as its objective the delegation of planning powers to parishes where appropriate there are major caveats around growth, employment and sustainability. The ability of the Parish Council to stop developments has become very limited as evidenced by the approval of two applications recently that were strongly opposed by the Parish Council.

In going down the path that could result in the production of a Neighbourhood Plan, it is envisaged that plans produced and supported by the village will be developed that will bring planning gain locally as opposed to financial gain for property developers.

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