Power Cuts

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There were a large number of Western Power vehicles in the village yesterday following Thursday’s storms. I spent a long time on the phone to Western Power trying to get an explanation as to why certain parts of the village were without electricity for so long. This was without success. Practically all the village were affected in some way during the day but some areas were off for over seven hours from midday.  The length of the power cut could perhaps be understandable if the storm had affected a remote and hilly part of the country but not in the case of Barlaston which is close to a major conurbation. It was also very difficult to understand why the supply was reaching certain houses but not those close by.

I was given a lot of reasons as to why difficulties could arise but no answer that dealt with the specific reasons that applied to Thursday. I was particularly interested in finding out whether there was an infrastructure problem in the village that needed to be addressed and if the supply structure needed investment.  I was told that arrangements would be made for me to talk to the Manager responsible for the power supply in Barlaston but I did not receive the call on Friday. I will continue to pursue the matter next week

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