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I have had a response from Royal Mail and the County Council on the matters that I have raised with them.

Royal Mail.

I have had a response to my request for additional post boxes to be placed outside Londis Stores and by the Green respectively. This request has been rejected on the basis that there are already sufficient post boxes in the village. It was pointed out that there is a post box within 80 yards of Londis. This is of course true but it is the other side of the level crossing in a pretty dangerous place.


Staffordshire County Council

I am pleased to report that the County Council have taken steps to improve the X5 bus service. These improvements will come into effect from 12th August. There will not be a ‘get to work’ bus however.

I felt that part of the problem in negotiating with the County Council was the low utilisation of the bus service locally. I think that if we could provide evidence that it would be used more we would have a better chance of gaining a more frequent service

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