Wedgwood Memorial College

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The comment about Wedgwood Memorial College in the Stoke City Council Budget Report makes interesting reading as follows:-

Wedgwood Memorial College

‘Although this attracted the biggest support in numbers in the consultation, over 90%of the respondents were from outside the City with many from across the world. Options are being considered and dialogue with interested parties is continuing but clarity for the future must be agreed soon. ‘

It is known that the ‘Save the Wedgwood College Group’ have heeded the advice given at the public meeting and are arranging to meet with Council officers shortly.

From the Parish Council standpoint it is difficult to guage what the concensus view of villagers is on the subject. The attendance at the public meeting was low but that does not necessarily signify a lack of interest.

The issue will be discussed again at the Parish Council meeting on 7th February. I would appreciate receiving any comments on the ‘Blog’ before then. Should the Parish Council consider making a small donation to the Campaign Group to signify its support? Parish Council Policy remains that the College should be the subject of a Community Asset Transfer

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